How to Appeal Against a Universal Credit Decision

How to Appeal Against a Universal Credit Decision

In this article we will explain step by step how to appeal against a decision on universal credit.

If you disagree with a proposal on benefits, tax deductions, or child care, you can apply for it to be reconsidered, according to

This is calles “Mandatory reconsideration”.

You can do this if you:

  • Consider if the office in charge of the allegation made a mistake or overlooked crucial facts.
  • Disagree with the reasons for the decision
  • Want to have the decision looked at again

Often some decisions will not be reconsidered and it´ll say on your original decision letter. You´ll need to ask for mandatory reconsideration within one month of the date the decision was issued.

If you start you appeal after a month you´ll have to explain why you didn´t do it earlier and your appeal may not be accepted.

How to ask for mandatory reconsideration

You´ll need to complete an sscss1 form on to request for an appeal. The form asksfor you name and contact details, national insurance number and reasons for appealing.

You´ll need to print the form out and sign it once you´ve filled it in, and then post it to HM courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS).

  • HMSCT Appeals Centre
  • PO BOX 1203
  • Bradford
  • BD19WP

HMCTS will check the form and ask for the DWP´S Response to your appeal within 28 days. Once the DWP respond, HMCTS will send you:

  • A copy of the DWP´S response details of what happens next when and where the hearing will be.

The tribunal is independen of government. Before reaching a ruling, a judge will listen to all sides of the case.

According to citizens advice, you´ll usually get an answer on the day of the hearing. If the judge need longer to decide, or if you´re not at the hearing, you´ll get the tribunal´s decision through the post. For more information head to:

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