JobKeeper Payment and Extension Announcement

JobKeeper Extension Announcement and Payment

The JobKeeper Payment has been extended and is available for eligible employers until the 28th of March 2021. Some rules are changing.

JobKeeper Extension Announcement

Which means your business might now be elegible even if it wasn´t before. If you and your employees are eligible, you can enrol at any time until JobKeeper ends. If you are aleady receving JobKeeper Payments for your employees, you don´t need to do anything differently until the 4th January 2021.

From that date, there will be a couple of important changes:

The first change is that you´ll need to re-check the eligibility of your business and complete an actual decline in turnover test.

The second change is the amount you´ll be able to claim or your eligible employees.

If the worked less than 80 hours in the relevant time period, The JobKeeper fortnightly payment will change to $650 before tax while the payment for those who worked an 80 hours or more in the relevant time period will be $1,000 before tax.

Make sure you work out which JobKeeper Payment tier each of your eligible employees fall into, so you can pay each of them the correct minimum amount.

Then you can be reimbursed for payments you make in January, February and March 2021.

JobKeeper Payment

The JobKeeper Payment has been extended. So your business or organisation can still sign up.

First, you´ll need to check that you and your employees are elegible and that you pass the fall in turnover tests.

Next, enrol for the payment using ATO online services thourgh myGOV or the ATO Business Portal using myGovID or you registered tax or BAS agent can do it for you. You must pay each of your elegible employees the correct minimum amount by the required date.

You can the claim the JobKeeper Payment and be reimbursed the following month. For more information visit:

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