Navigating UK-NI Trade: Trader Support Service Benefits & Registration

Navigating UK-NI trade presents unique challenges and opportunities, particularly in the wake of Brexit and the implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol. The Trader Support Service (TSS) emerges as a crucial resource designed to assist businesses in smoothly transitioning through these changes and ensuring compliance with new trade regulations. Understanding the benefits of the TSS and the registration process is essential for businesses engaged in trade between the UK and Northern Ireland.

The Trader Support Service offers a range of benefits to businesses involved in UK-NI trade, including assistance with customs declarations, guidance on regulatory requirements, and access to relevant information and support networks. By registering with the TSS, businesses can streamline their trading processes, mitigate potential disruptions, and take advantage of preferential treatment under the Northern Ireland Protocol. This introduction aims to explore the significance of the Trader Support Service in facilitating UK-NI trade and highlight the benefits and registration process for businesses navigating this evolving landscape.

Trader Support Service BenefitsRegistration

As of the 1st of January 2021, new trading regulations between Great Britain and Northern Ireland have been implemented. If you are involved in the movement of goods into or out of Northern Ireland, the Trader Support Service (TSS) is a crucial resource to guide you through the changes mandated by the new regulations. If you haven’t done so already, consider signing up for the Trader Support Service on its official website.

The Trader Support Service is a free and user-friendly service designed to help you grasp and comply with your customs obligations. It provides online and telephone support for traders. Using TSS has numerous benefits including:

  • Guidance on how to complete customs and safety and security declarations.
  • Comprehensive online courses on customs procedures.
  • Call center support from agents with expertise in customs.

Whether you’re a trader moving goods yourself or acting as an agent on behalf of others (for instance, a haulier), you can register to use the service. Note that you’ll require an Economic Operator’s Registration and Identification number (EORI), starting with ‘XI’, to move goods to or from Northern Ireland.

The Trader Support Service serves as a vital resource for businesses navigating the complexities of UK-NI trade, offering valuable support and guidance in adapting to post-Brexit trade arrangements. By registering with the TSS, businesses can access a range of benefits, including assistance with customs procedures, compliance with regulatory requirements, and access to relevant information and support networks. Utilizing the TSS can help businesses streamline their trading operations, minimize disruptions, and capitalize on the opportunities presented by the Northern Ireland Protocol.

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